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Rockford Mauh Nah Tee See Club | Ashlee & Steven North

Rockford Illinois Wedding Photographer

Leif and I chatted through the phone with Ashlee and Steve just four months before their wedding, they walked with us through their church a week before the wedding day, we even practiced a shot that Steven put Ashlee on his shoulder walked out the church aisle, it’s such a cute and cheerful picture idea! On that week of their wedding day, it’s been chilly and rainy, but till their day, it turned into a sunny and cozy day! It was a real perfect day to have a beautiful ceremony in their church and the reception at Mauh-Nah-Tee See Country Club with close friends and family.

The weather was so nice, the wedding party were able to walk though the Sinnissippi Garden by the Nicolas Conservatory and Garden in Rockford. One of the groomsmen, Dana who has COVID-19, he wouldn't able to show it off, but Steve got the photo enlarged and printed, he and his groomsmen cut and pasted him on cardboard jus the morning of the wedding!!! We had a few ideas to have pictures with him, we pretended him fall into the water or he was going to run by a train, it was so funny that I couldn’t stop laughing the whole time! I also loved to photograph Ashlee and Steven chatted, danced and nuzzled each other, they are such a sweet couple! We were having too much fun and almost run out of time, they had to jump into the limo and hurried went to their reception. As we arrived It was just a right time for sunset photos, so we kept photographing a few more with a beautiful willow tree with dangling branches were like a picture frame around their body. While we were heading back to the party, I still photographing them held hands and jumped and walked surrounding by the autumn trees and leaves as the backdrop, these images were absolutely beautiful!

The party was so much fun. They have Danna as a remote photo both guy, a cutout of him, who was very popular that day that everyone wanted pictures with him!  Ashlee choreographic dance with her husband and dad was amazing at the party!  This was so joyful!! Leif and I were so lucky get to spend a special Saturday with them.

I can’t wait to see their honeymoon adventure photos with their awesome camper bus that they made themselves!

-Dress: David's bridal (DB studio brand) 

-Florist: Ling moments and Michaels's

-Ceremony Venue: Bethany Presbyterian Church

-Reception Venue: Mauh-nah-tee-see

-Hair: Lauren Gray @ B.Elliots Salon(815) 623-1188 

-Cake: Kathleen VanDeWoestyne Family friend  (815)980-1073

-Catering: Mauh-nah-tee-see 

-Bridesmaids Dresses: David's bridal 

-Groomsmen and Groom attire: Men's Warehouse

-The string quartet: Rockford Symphony Orchestra, Brandon Lamm  (708)831-0417.

Wedding COLORS: Burgundy and Navy with Blush and green accents.

Here’s a look back at Ashlee & Steven’s wedding day.