Christine Theden 

Hi I am Christine. I am a a wedding and portrait photographer in Rockford area. I married to Leif in a snowy winter day at Kilbuck Creek Monroe Center,IL in 2013. We now have 2 beautiful boys in Winnebago, IL, they make our life fulfill giggles and happiness.

I started interested in photography back to 2009, I had my first DSLR, one day Leif and I had a date and he showed me how to take light trail photo in JiuFen in Taiwan, one of his favorite places, and I fell in love with the photos turned out and impressed camera magic. I began my photography career from 2014, I took photos of my niece, then I started photograph wedding and portraits. My first newborn photos was my first son in February 2015, and I have a small studio at my house for newborn and family photos. I’ve grown so much from there. In my photography journey, Leif has been both physically and mentally supporting me, not only encourages with my business but also helps with techniques, I couldn’t start this dream job without him. All of these brought me great enthusiasm toward photography. I love using lens to recording the moments of life.

A few other things that I enjoy when I’m not shooting…

1. I’m most likely spending time with my husband Leif and my two sons—Rollie and Gus. Friday nights are our movie nights, my boys love their daddy’s homemade buttery and salty popcorns. We go camping with our 1985 VW Vanagon at the parks, ride bikes to the park and library and get a scoop of ice cream. I love exploring the world with them.

2. I am passionate about yoga. I am a Yoga Alliance certified yoga instructor. I do yoga poses, breathing techniques, and meditation, a way of promoting physical and mental well-being.

3. I like decorating and organizing. I love reading decorating magazines, and shopping at Hobby Lobby, Home Goods and even Estate Sales hunting. I always stand middle of somewhere at home sip a cup of coffee or wine and think how to rearrange or add something to make the house feel inviting and cozy. I especially like the mix of texture, colors, and natural materials.

4. I love doing arts and crafts myself and with my boys. I like exploring my boys’ little minds, by watching their drawings and wimssikle ideas,

5. I am a gastronome. I enjoy cook at home and I love to visit excellent restaurants, food trucks and events. And yes, I alway take pictures of food!

6. I love traveling, I went Hong Kung, Singapore,Japan, Korea, Bali, Paris, London, and road trips to all over United States. Of course, more places for my bucket list!

I love my family and I have learned to appreciate my life as it is *right now,* I captured the moments that we can look back on the photos years from now and remember what life was like in that stage, and that’s what really matters!

It’s your turn! I would love to know you and capture the essence of your beautiful moments, please Contact me…let me help you tell your story.

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